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Mind My Paws

Dog walking and pet sitting services

Dog Walking Service

Exercise is vital to the health and happiness of your dog. Whether you are unable to give your dog the exercise it needs due to work commitments or health conditions, your dog c​an get everything they need to live their life to the fullest.

Each dog walk includes:

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Exercise, fun and play in a variety of safe and interesting areas

  • Off lead or on lead walks at your request

  • Lots of fresh water

  • Treats as requested by you

  • Re-inforcement of your basic training

  • A towel dry and muddy paws cleaned

NOTE: Your dog will always be walked as part of a group. Therefore we can only accept well socialised dogs who are not aggressive towards other dogs.

Cost: £11 for one hour per dog.

Don't have time for a walk? We do. Call us on 07736 280852 or email [email protected] 

Dog Boarding

One dog can exclusively board at Mind My Paws. Home from home service for your dog. With an enclosed garden and lots of walks around Woodley and surrounding areas, your dog will enjoy it's holiday as much as you will enjoy yours.

Cost: £25 per day

Doggy Day Care

If you have a new puppy or an elderly dog, you may not be able to leave them at home for a whole day. So if you are at work, have a social event like a wedding or just fancy a day out, Mind my Paws are here to make sure you can.

From a simple half hour visit, walk or full day care, we offer your dog the same comforts you would if you were there.

Cost: £8 for 30 minute visit or £22 for day

Going away for the day? We'll take care of your dog. Call us on 07736 280852 or email [email protected]

Cat Sitting

Cats are happiest in their own surrounding. Removing them from their surroundings can cause stress for them which causes stress for you. If you are away from home, Mind my Paws can look after your cat in the comfort of their own home.

Each day we will:

  • Feed and water your cat and clean all bowls
  • Empty litter tray daily and clean

  • Groom, play and fuss over your cat

  • Open and close curtains

  • Turn lights on and off

  • Water plants when required

Cost: £8 per visit for Woodley residents

          £10 per visit for areas outside Woodley

Make sure your cat is happy while you're away. Call us on 07736 280852 or email [email protected]

Small Pet Sitting

From rabbits, hamsters to chickens or ducks (and even rats!) Mind My Paws provides a daily feeding service to suit your needs. We will ensure you can have a happy holiday safe in the knowledge that your pets are being cared for properly.

Cost: £8 per visit for Woodley residents

          £10 per visit for areas outside Woodley

Make sure your pets are cared for while you are away. Call me on 07736 280852 or email [email protected]

Pet Taxi

There's no need to take time off work to take your pet to the vet. Mind My Paws will collect your pet, take it to the vet, collect and return them, with no stress to you or them.

Cost: £11 for pick up and drop off + petrol cost

Need to get your pet to the vet? Call us on 07736 280852 or email [email protected]

 •  Areas covered:

Woodley - Twyford - Hurst - Sonning

Please remember, we have been fully CRB checked and am a local and trusted resident in Woodley.

Contact us today to schedule any of our dog walking, dog sitting and cat sitting services.