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Cat sitting in Twyford

Posted on 2 May, 2011 at 16:16
Easter has been a very busy time at Mind My Paws. As well as many dogs to walk, I have been sitting 8 cats over the Royal Wedding weekend.
First up is Pixel, the beautiful Bengal, who's owners have been away for the last three weeks in New Zealand visiting family. She is quite possibly the softest, friendliest cat I have ever met. Apart from one little scare on the lack of seeing her for a day, which resulted in getting to know all the neighbours and the vet (!), Pixel was an utter joy to sit.
Next up are Mya and Coco. With poor Mya having a heart condition and needing medication administered twice a day, I visited them a couple of times before Gemma, their owner went off on holiday. They both seemed happy and relaxed on both occassions, and Mya was happy to let me squirt her medication into the corner of her mouth via a syringe. However, when I arrived on my own, and the flat was Gemma-less - it was a different story! After lots of hissing, I decided to try a different way. So I carefully dropped the medicine on some tasty treats and they were gobbled up. I also had to enlist the help of next door neighbour Jess, who Mya seemed to love, when she refused to eat my treats. As warned by Gemma, Coco hid under the bed on every visit so there is no photo of her!
Then there's Pixie and Pasty. This pair are new to Twyford but are already confident enough to go in and out the catflap to enjoy the sunshine. Pixie loves to be stroked and purrs so loudly it kind of made me want to stay with her all evening! Glossy black cat Pasty is happy to see me as he knows it's food time.
Next is Mary. She gets fed, I let her out the house early evening and go back in the morning to let her back in and feed her again. She is always waiting for me at the front door for her breakfast and is highly vocal while she waits! (she's the one eating out of her bowl).
Archie, the gorgeous Ginger is one of my regulars and is currently on a diet. He doesn't seem to be enjoying his new 'special' food and is not as enthusiastic to see me as he normally is!
And last but not least, Bobby. The photo doesn't quite convey how amazingly fluffy he is - the fluffiest cat I've ever met! He is happy to sit and be stroked and I can see it in his eyes that he wants me to stay longer.
All in all a busy cat week at Mind My Paws. A big thank you to Gemma who brought back the purrfect gift for me!
Cat sitting in Twyford, Pixel
Cat sitting Mya
Cat sitting in Twyford, Pasty
Cat sitting in Twyford, Archie
Cat sitting in Sonning, Bobby
Cat sitting in Twyford, Mary
Thank you for cat sittingCat sitting in Twyford, Pixie

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Reply Shane
7:14 on 11 May, 2011 
Hi Aileen,

I have to admit I was rather apprehensive about trying to find a cat feeder for our 3 week holiday, partially because our cat (Pixel) is very temperamental, but also because of the obvious security concerns of handing over house keys to a stranger. Now we are back from holiday it's clear I needn't have been worried - You were truly amazing.

We really appreciated updates you sent on how Pixel was doing (including some lovely photos). Our neighbours noted that some days you even did 'extra visits' just to check up on Pixel, this was totally unexpected and above and beyond all our expectations! 2 neighbors/friends proactively commented on how lovely you were and also that you seemed to stay for quite a while each day to play with Pixel. Thanks so much for taking great care of her!

When we came home from holiday Pixel seemed surprisingly happy. Normally, she gets bored after only a few days without us and starts getting up to mischief, yet for this entire 3 week holiday she hadn't destroyed anything at all - I have no doubt that this was related to the amount of attention that time that You gave her while we were away.

We are away on leave again in a few months and will definitely be using you again.

Thanks again!
Reply Gemma Bowers
7:38 on 11 May, 2011 
Dear Aileen,
A massive thankyou for looking after my two girls.
I apprieciate they were hard work and Mya can be a bit of a madam! Thankyou for not giving up on her when she was refusing her medicine, i was really worried and very stressed whilst i was away but when you told me you had managed to get her to have her meds on her cat treats i was very impressed! Although you may have felt they didn't take to you, when i got home they both seemed very happy which would not have been the case if you had not looked after them properly, so they did like you, they were just being very naughty and testing your patience! I was also very impressed of how clean my house was when i got back and it smelt nice and fresh so i knew you had looked after everything in the way i had requested. I would love to use your services again and hope my two girls will be better behaved! Thanks again
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