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Dog training and behaviour

Posted on 20 November, 2012 at 15:35 Comments comments (260)
There are lots of stories on our blog about the dogs we walk and those who have boarded with us. So now it's time to talk a bit about us! Now that Stef is on board and easing up the very busy walking schedule, we can both take a step back and work out the best ways to grow and expand the business. 
Since Stef has taken a reduction in hours from her full-time job and is spending time with other dogs, it has spurred her on with another ambition: to become a dog trainer/behaviourist.
Having already raised, trained and handled dogs most of her adult life, Stef has always had a keen interest in dog training and behaviourism, but she has never had any formal training as such, more “on the job” so to speak.  So she has recently embarked on an accredited course to enhance and improve her understanding of dog training and behaviour through The Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour. We hope soon to be able to extend our services to offer an holistic approach to your dogs by being able to offer practical support and advice with training, obedience and any behaviourial issues your may have.
This week we had the opportunity to get involved in a training session with one of our clients, who has engaged a behaviourist to help with her rescue dog's aggression issues. It was fascinating to watch the behaviourist work and listen to his advice, and also helpful for Stef and I to know how to handle issues not just with dogs we walk, but the dogs we encounter on our walks.
On a humorous note, as there are now two of us at Mind My Paws, we recently had our first work night out! It was a great opportunity to sit down together to talk about our work with the pets we care for and discuss our visions for the future.
We are now planning our Christmas party and secret Santa!